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Your Digital Notebook
Jot your ideas - Clip pages - Create Collections
You get new ideas all the time, but keeping track of them is not easy. JotLingo helps you organize these ideas so they never get lost. Jot a note, an idea, a date for an upcoming event, save a web page, or a pic of the mindmap you took at your last team meeting. It works on any computer platform and mobile device. JotLingo is your digital notebook…for life.
Manage Your Ideas, Notes & Web Research
JotLingo presents a robust system to take notes on the fly, enables you to save & share them with a friend, team-member or group. JotLingo enables you to capture any kind of 'reference material' that you've come across in your professional and everyday life - from simple notes to stable or transient, web-based content, rich-media applications etc.
JotLingo addresses all compliance and governance requirements for note-taking in organizations and is also a patent-protected, emerging standard in URL linking and document management.
Legal Sector
Higher Education & Research
Protected by U.S. Patent #s. 7,178,097, 10,552,509, Canadian Patent No. CA 2428229 and Indian Patent No. 250490
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